Add and Save a Shapefile

Use the Upload Shapefile orange upload shapefile button widget to upload a shapefile to the IFTDSS Map Studio and save it to IFTDSS.

Shapefiles are added to Map Studio as .zip files. The .zip file must contain the .shp, .shx, .dbf, and .prj files that comprise the shapefile.

  1. Click the Upload Shapefile orange upload shapefile button widget along the bottom of Map Studio to open Upload Shapefile.
  2. Click Upload File. A browser box will open allowing you to search your local files. Select the desired shapefile. Shapefiles must be zipped to be uploaded and contain .shp, .shx, .dbf., and .prj files.

    you may upload your own shapefiles.

  3. Use the checkbox to select the attributes you wish to import. You may choose up to 10.

    The 'Add Shapefile' box with specific features checked to be imported

  4. Make sure the "Save" option is checked in order to save your shapefile.
  5. Give the shapefile a descriptive name.
  6. Specify the folder in which to store the shapefile.
  7. Click Save and Add to Map.

    make sure the 'save' box is checed to save your shapefile

  8. When completed, a confirmation message will appear to verify the shapefile has been uploaded.

    confirmation message verifying your upload