LANDFIRE 2016 Remap

Currently IFTDSS includes LANDFIRE 2016 remapped data for the Northwest, Southwest, South Central & North Central LANDFIRE GeoAreas, represented by the purple boundary in the map below. As more LANDFIRE GeoAreas are completed, they will be incorporated into IFTDSS. More information about the LANDFIRE 2016 (a.k.a Remap) schedule is available at .

Lower 48 United states wtih purple outline encompassing the western US, up to the wester bordern of Illinois,and part of Missouri Oklahoma and Texas.

Landscape creation will be limited to areas where LANDFIRE 2016 data fully covers the geographic extent and 4980 meter buffer surrounding it. If the area is only partially within the LANDFIRE 2016 extent, a warning message will be seen and the Create button will be disabled. At this time either choose a new extent to create the landscape or choose from the other available LANDFIRE data versions, LANDFIRE 2012 and LANDFIRE 2014.

error message in top of Landscape Tools widget "Your Landscape Extent (buffered) contains areas where 2016 Landfire data is not available. Redraw or select another Landfire Version".