Search and Approve New Users

FTEM Administrators are notified via email when a user requests access to FTEM, or when they need to change their user role.

ftem requests will be sent to administrators' email

To approve a user's FTEM request, you must first be logged into your FTEM account and access account information from any FTEM page:

  1. From any page in FTEM, click your name in the top right.
  2. Select the User List from the drop-down list.

    Administrators can access the user list from their account menu in the top right.

  3. In the User List, use the search field in the top left, and/or the filters to locate the requester's User name. In most cases you may combine filters, (e.g. display and agency).

    Important! Filters in the left panel must be applied the following order: Display>Ftem Roles>Agencies.

    Click on the categories on the left of the User List to filter the list of users based on their status, or agency.

  4. Click the Grant FTEM Access button. This opens an approval dialogue box to complete the approval. You also have the option to deny the request from here.

    Click the row containing the user name to approve their account.

  5. To finalize the account approval, briefly review the information in the dialogue box, and if editor role was requested, approve the request by checking the box next to "Grant editor role." When ready, finish by clicking the Grant Access button.

    a dialogue box displaying the requesting user's information for review.

Important! An FTEM user can have a Viewer role for only one agency. An FTEM user can have an Editor role or Administrator role for multiple agencies. If a user must complete FTEM monitoring for more than one agency, it is important to ensure they the "Editor" role for each agency they are responsible for.