Amending Monitoring Data

As an FTEM Administrator, you may need to amend or edit monitoring data.

To amend a treatment:

  1. Locate the fire on the Wildfire tab and click on it.
  2. Skip to the Complete tab.
  3. Click the Amend Wildfire button.

    amend a record with the 'amend button' in the 'complete' tab.

  4. Provide the reason for your amendment when prompted.

    a text field prompts you to describe the reason for the amendment.

  5. Navigate to the Monitoring or Treatment tabs and update with data as needed.
  6. When finished, return to the Complete tab and click the Complete Wildfire Monitoring button.
  7. The wildfire treatment monitoring now appears with a version number to indicate the update.

    treatment record marked with a version number next to it.