Current Treatment Status Summary

Report Content

This feature generates a downloadable CSV file for a specific agency, region, unit, and year range. It lists interacting treatments and their current monitoring status (Not Started, In Progress, Complete). Report details include:

  • Treatment Agency
  • Area/Region
  • Admin Forest Code (if applicable)
  • Treatment Unit
  • Treatment Sub-Unit
  • Treatment ID as listed in FACTS or NFPORS
  • Treatment FTEM Monitoring Status
  • Treatment Name
  • Treatment Completion Acres
  • Treatment Completion Month
  • Treatment Completion Year
  • Treatment Type
  • Wildfire Name
  • Wildfire Discovery Date

spread sheet view of treatment status data

Report Download Options

  • CSV file

Right click the Data Download example link and select "Save link as" in your browser to save an example to your computer in .csv format.