Apply/Remove Masks in Layer List

IFTDSS Landscapes and model outputs are rectangular in extent by default, but you can apply a mask in Map Studio to view the features or model outputs only within the area you specify, using the Apply/Remove mask option in the Layer List.

Once you have added a landscape or model output to Map Studio, apply a mask using the following steps:

  1. When viewing your landscape or output in Map Studio, make sure the layer list Layer List is open.
  2. Click the More Options more options button to the right of the Landscape or Model Output layer.
  3. Select Apply Mask from the drop-down menu.

    the 'apply mask' feature is available from the 'more options' button in the top right of Layer List.

  4. Select your shape or shapefile from the drop-down menu.
  5. Click Apply Mask.

    select your area of interest and click "apply mask"

  6. This constrains the landscape or behavior outputs in Map Studio to the area within your mask.

    landscape fire behavior output in Map Stuido with only the area of interest visible

  7. To resume viewing the full extent, go to layer list Layer List, click More Options more options , and select Remove Mask.

    The 'Remove mask' option will return the view to its full extent.