Change Symbology

When viewing polygons, lines, or points in Map Studio, you may change the symbology by:

  1. Opening the Layer List Layer List widget.

  2. Click More Options More Options.

  3. Select Change Symbology.

    Layer list 'More Options' menu is open and 'Change Symbology' is visible in the top of that menu.

  4. Change the symbology as desired, changing fill and outline color, width, transparency, or other features.

    Note: For points, you may either adjust the fill or outline of the point, or select one of several icons.

  5. Click Apply Symbology.

    The 'Apply Symbology' button is visible in the bottom of the interface.

    Once you have changed the layer symbology, these changes will persist throughout future Map Studio sessions.

    Hollow shape with red boundary line surrounding the perimeter.