Editing Landscape Data for Landscape Evaluation

Landscape Editing can occur in both the Landscape Evaluation stage of the Planning Cycle under Landscape Edit, or within the Strategic Planning stage under Develop Treatment Alternatives. Menu options and results are the same for both. In editing sessions accessed from the Landscape Evaluation Section, any landscape can be edited. In editing sessions accessed from the Develop Treatment Alternatives section only certain landscapes may be selected to ensure the comparison between landscapes of the same extent.

Below is an image of the editing interface. View a map of your area while editing by clicking the globe icon split map at the top left of the page. Rules you select will display at the top of the interface, in the order you select them.

To begin landscape edits, use the dropdown menu to select your landscape

There are two methods available for making landscapes edits, we'll look at each one below:

The edited landscape is stored in the same folder in IFTDSS as the landscape it was derived from. Landscape edits may take a few minutes to process. Once edits are complete, the edited landscape will be available in drop-down menus throughout IFTDSS where-ever a landscape input is required.

A maximum of five Landscape editing requests may be submitted at any given time. If you see a pop-up notifying you that this number has been exceeded, complete your task when one of the other requests has completed.