Case Study Examples

IMPORTANT - The "Develop Treatment Alternatives" case study walk-through does not reflect the addition of fuel moisture conditioning in the Landscape Fire Behavior inputs, an addition in the October 2018 (Version 3.1.1) update of IFTDSS.

Please check back for status updates.

Case Study Examples

Developing Treatment Alternatives: Northwest Regional Tutorial: A detailed tutorial outlining treatment development and comparing treatment alternatives in IFTDSS with a management scenario from Idaho. (PDF Available)

Editing Landscapes with User Created Edit Rules: A walk through of how to employ User Created Edit Rules to edit landscapes created in IFTDSS.

Short Videos

The IFTDSS Team will continually be working to add more video walk-throughs. Here is a list of short video walk-throughs outlining the basics of IFTDSS that are currently available:

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