Introduction to FTEM Roles and Permissions

  • Core Federal Agency Users: Federal agency users (BIA, FS, NPS, FWS, BLM) requesting FTEM access for the first time are auto-granted Agency Viewer access to the agency affiliated with their email domain.
  • Non-Federal Users: Requests from Users outside of the core federal agencies are reviewed by FTEM administrators prior to be being granted FTEM Viewer access.

Important! Edit access must be requested by a user and approved by an Agency Administrator.

The table below briefly outlines the difference between FTEM Roles.

Note: FTEM Viewer vs. Agency Viewer? "Agency Viewer" roles are assigned to all account requests that come from personnel affiliated with agencies contributing data to FTEM (USFS, NPS, BLM, USFWS, and BIA). This status allows them to see FTEM Treatment status. "FTEM Viewer" encompasses all other users, such as collaborators whose organizations do not conduct FTEM monitoring.

Resources or Actions allowed in FTEM for each user role.
Resource or Action FTEM
View all wildfires X X X X X
View all treatments X X X X X
View table summary for a wildfire X X X X X
View treatment status   X X X X
Add or download attachments   X X X X
See wildfires and treatments with attachments   X X X X
Generate and download reports   X X X X
Add or remove treatment interactions     X X X
Monitor (enter data for) a treatment interaction     X X X
Complete a wildfire/agency monitoring record     X X X
Delete monitoring record     X X X
View the audit log for a wildfire       X X
Download Geodatabase of FTEM data       X X
Administrate Users       X X
Grant Agency View and Editor roles       X X
Grant Agency Administrator role         X