Account Management for Administrators

Most administrators will be Agency Administrators. The role of FTEM Administrator has additional responsibilities. The details for each of these roles are described in this topic.

Agency Administrators

An Agency Administrator role allows you to manage accounts for your agency by approving new users, or editing the roles for existing users.

FTEM Administrators

FTEM Administrators are typically the FTEM leads for their agency. They may manager users as well as delete monitoring interactions when needed. FTEM Administrators have the following responsibilities:

  • Approve Agency Administrator account requests for your agency.
  • Approve Non-Agency requests where appropriate.
    • Approve FTEM viewer role requests per agency guidelines.
    • Approve cooperator agency editor requests per agency guidelines (eg. BIA and tribal).
  • Facilitate user requests to change their agency affiliation by putting them in touch with the appropriate Agency Administrator for their new agency. This request most often occurs when an FTEM user changes employers from one agency to another
  • Ensure an Agency Administrator is present for each agency region and the Agency Administrator understands their roles.
  • Ensure Agency personnel have training in FTEM and are aware of training resources, such as the FTEM Playlist in the IFTDSS Help YouTube Channel, and the FTEM section of Help Center.

  • Monitor the list of pending users in FTEM to ensure all valid requests have been addressed.

    Important! DOI FTEM Administrators must approve DOI-OWF account requests. Do this by granting them Editor role for all agencies when you receive their request via email. This will allow OWF users to access reports.

Supporting Information for Account Management