Change a User's Role

FTEM Administrators are notified via email when a user requests a different role in FTEM.

ftem requests will be sent to administrators' email

To Change a User's FTEM role, you must first be logged into your FTEM account and access account information from any FTEM page:

  1. From any page in FTEM, click your name in the top right.
  2. Select the User List from the drop-down list.

    Administrators can access the user list from their account menu in the top right.

  3. In the User List, click on the row containing the requester's User name. You may use the search field in the top left, and/or the filters to locate the requester's User name. In most cases you may combine filters, (e.g. display and agency).

    Important! Filters in the left panel must be applied the following order: Display>Ftem Roles>Agencies.

  4. Click the Grant Agency Roles button. This brings up a table where you can select different roles for various agencies.

    Click the row containing the user name to access their roles

  5. Use the checkboxes to grant the appropriate roles for a User.
  6. Tip: Unclear about the different User Roles? See Introduction to FTEM Roles and Permissions.

  7. When complete, click the Grant Roles button.

    Available rows will be displayed as a table with checkboxes.

  8. The user is automatically sent an email to inform them of the role change.

  9. Important! To set the "Agency Administrator" role, do so from the "Agency Roles" interface described above. The "Grant Administrator Role" button is for creating system administrators, not Agency Administrators.

    ftem userlist options showing the 'grant administrator role' button with an 'x' through it, an the 'agency roles' button circled.