Viewing Shapefiles in FTEM

If your fire is represented as a point in FTEM, you may find it helpful to use a perimeter shapefile you have on your local computer if available. This will not save or update a fire perimeter in FTEM, but it can provide a helpful visual aid as your searching the area for treatment interactions.

Important! Note that this will not save your shapefile, it is intended to be viewed while working with wildfires in treatments in the FTEM system. To permanently add wildfires and treatments to FTEM, please contact your Agency Administrator, or visit the FAQ section addressing why fire perimeters may not be displayed.

To add a shapefile from your local computer:

  1. Click the Upload Shapefile upload shapefile widget.
  2. Click Upload File.

    use the add shapefile widget to add a shapefile to the map

    The FTEM Upload Shapefile add shapefile feature adds a shapefile to the map interface from your local computer. To add your shapefile, it must be compressed as a .zip file, and contain at least shp, .shx, .dbf, and .prj files.

  3. Search your local computer file directory, select it, and click Open.

    choose your file from your computer

  4. Check any fields to include.
  5. Click Add to Map.

    choose your fileds and click add to map

  6. Your shapefile is added to the map and you are automatically zoomed to its extent.

    the map will zoome to the extent of your shapefile