Filtering and Viewing Treatment Information in FTEM

Filter or Get More Information from the Treatment List

To filter your treatment list by interaction status, monitoring events, or treatment category, or to see the full metadata for a treatment, view the treatments tab in full screen view. This is done by clicking the Hide map button in the top center of the screen. Note that you can also filter the columns within the treatment in descending or ascending order by single left-clicking the column title.

hiding the map view shows more information about treatments

Filter or Get More Information from the Map

Once you have zoomed into your area, you may want to further constrain the results with a specific filter term, or use some of the available FTEM Reference layers to aid in your monitoring. We'll cover these option here:

Important! Constraining the attribute table does not change the list that populates on the right of the screen until you use the "Zoom To" option to change the map extent.

Using a Filter in Attribute Table

For this example we will search for USFS Treatment Polygons associated with Fremont-Winema National Forest:

  1. Click the Attribute Table button in the bottom right of the map.

    The 'Attribute Table' button on the bottom right of the map.

  2. Use your mouse cursor to set the approximate extent of your treatment area, the attribute table automatically populates based upon visible map extent.
  3. Click the layer displayed along the top of the table that corresponds with your search, in this example "USFS Treatments: Poly Interactions" is selected.
  4. Click Options and select Filter.

    use the filter option to further constrain your attribute table.

  5. Create your filter expression and click OK. In this example we use "unit_name IS Fremont-Winema National Forest."
    • You can use the Protection Jurisdiction to filter your fires by individual forest, refuge, district etc.
    • Need to look up the jurisdiction code for your area? Download the Jurisdiction Look-up CSV.
    • This constrains the table to attributes that match your search results.

    Use the filter to create expressions to query the attribute table.

  6. To zoom to a record, select it by clicking the gray area to the left of the attribute row and use the Zoom To option.

    select a record and click 'zoom to' to zoom to it on the map.

Viewing Treatments using Add Layers

Using the Add Layers widget, you can turn on specific Agency's FTEM Treatment Polygons or Points. This adds them to the Layer List and makes it easier to see on the map. In the example below "USFS FTEM Treatment Polys" is selected in Add Layers, and is displayed in Layer List. You can see the bright green polygons clearly visible on the map.

added polygons showing in bright green against the rest of the map.

Correct Treatment Data

Treatments are pulled into FTEM nightly from FACTS and NFPORS. If treatment data is incorrect, please work with your FTEM Agency Administrator to have your treatment data corrected in the appropriate system.