FTEM Reporting

FTEM reports compile and summarize monitoring data for completed Wildfires for specific dates, regions and agencies. Options include:

A "Completed" Wildfire is one in which all interactions for a given agency have been monitored with the required data, and have been submitted to the FTEM system using the Complete Wildfire Monitoring button in the Complete tab, located in the FTEM Monitoring interface.

Important! When filtering by Year for reports, the Year is based on the Start Date of the Wildfire. This is important to remember for fires that may have begun in one calendar year, but interacted with a treatment in the next.

FTEM Reporting allows you to generate summary reports of fuel treatment effectiveness monitoring data for specific fires, dates, and agencies. Report types include:

How to Generate a Report

Inputs needed to generate a report vary by the type of report. To generate a summary report:

  1. From the FTEM mainpage, click FTEM Reporting .

    click the report button

  2. Select your report type.
  3. Use the filter fields to define your agency, region, dates, or other criteria of interest.

    follow the steps as described in text.